Sil80 Supremacy

by Staff | Last updated 25th July, 2016 | Posted in Feature cars

We feature an immaculate Nissan Sil80 with an RB25DET swap, widebody conversion and SSR SP1 Professors.

This is a car I have been waiting for years to finally share with you; say hello to Jamie Gardner’s stunning Nissan Sil80 s13.

nissan sil80

I have known Jamie for over eight years as he was one of the original members of the 180sx Club (back when we were a UK only club). He hails from Scotland, UK and he has been painstakingly tweaking and improving his Nissan Sil80 over those years into the Nissan s13 masterclass that you see before you.

nissan silvia ps13 front bumper

Jamie has improved every aspect of the already venerable Nissan s13 chassis including suspension components, rims, aero, paint, interior and engine have all seen total overhauls. Scroll down to read the monster spec list to really appreciate just how much effort (and cash!) he has put into building his dream Sil80.

nissan silvia ps13 engine

The original SR20DET has been replaced with the RB25DET from a Nissan Stagea, the original engine made decent power but with increased displacement and additional cylinders, the RB25DET should yield faster turbo response times and potential for some serious boost. The engine bay has been tidied and the front arches professionally tubbed for insane wheel clearance.

nissan silvia ps13 side

The car wears Supermade Instant Gentlemen side skirts and rear bumper, while the front bumper is a Rocket Bunny 6666 Customs item. The arches are Koguchi wide bodys. The footwork on the car are brand new, custom fitment SSR Professor SP1 in super buff finish. They are absolutely stunning and definitely my favourite s13 rims! Exact specifications are in the list below but the rears are a massive 12″ in width.

nissan silvia ps13 tail lights

This is a beautiful car but it is no show pony, Jamie has taken this car on track and even drifted it – he must be crazy! But kudos to the massive balls required to throw around such a great car.

nissan s13 sticker

Jamie’s Sil80 proudly wearing the new 180sx Club sticker.

Jamie’s Sil80 has really pushed the s13 scene in the UK forward in a time where enthusiasts are moving onto younger cars and I find that really inspiring. Jamie’s hard work and dedication show that there is plenty of life left in the Nissan s13 chassis. Thanks for sharing your car with us Jamie.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 full specification

Make & model: Nissan 180sx Sil80 conversion
Model year: 1993
Engine: RB25Det Neo
Turbo: Hybrid M-Spec Turbo with Billet Turbine

Engine Spec

  • RB25DET NEO VVT from Stagea
  • Owens Developments Hybrid M-Spec Turbo with Billet Turbine
  • 280HP @ 0.5bar at hubs on stock turbo
  • ARP Studs
  • MHG
  • Oil Restrictors Fitted
  • Fully Refurbished Top End
  • Spool Imports Head Drain Kit
  • GReddy Intake Manifold with OEM Throttle Body
  • OEM Neo Top Feed Injectors in Billet Rail
  • Nistune Type 4 ECU
  • Blitz ISBC-R Boost Controller
  • Fuel Performance FPR
  • Syko RB Mount Kit
  • Custom 3” Exhaust System
  • HKS Oil Cooler
  • GReddy Intercooler
  • Wiring Specialities Pro Loom
  • Relocated Fuse Box, Power Steering Pot, Coolant Reservoir and Screen Wash Tank
  • Mishimoto Radiator with Twin Electric Push Fans on Revotec Thermostatic Control

Chassis, Transmission and Handling

  • Parts Shop Max Pro Coilovers
  • Hard Race Adjustable Arm Kit
  • Nismo S14 Front Lower Arms
  • Nismo Coppermix Clutch & Lightened Flywheel
  • RB25DET Manual 5 Speed with Gktech Shifter Spring and Nismo Short Shifter
  • S15 Spec R Helical Differential
  • R32 GTR Front Brakes, Z32 Rear Brakes
  • Ultra Racing Front Strut Tower Brace
  • Cusco Rear Strut Brace
  • Apex Half Cage
  • Whiteline RB Swap Front ARB
  • Do Lu Tension Cage

Interior Spec

  • Defi Gauges
  • Innovate AFR Gauge
  • KS4 Knock Sensor
  • Cobra Suzuka Carbon Seat c/w DW Rails
  • R33 Passenger Seat
  • DW TRS Race Harness
  • MOMO Steering Wheel on Driftworks Quick Release Hub
  • Rear Bench Removed and Replaced with Custom Panels
  • Upgraded Audio


  • Rocket Bunny 6666 Customs Front Bumper
  • Supermade Instant Gentleman Side Skirts
  • Supermade Instant Gentleman Rear Bumper
  • Koguchi Power Front and Rear Wide Fenders (Front+100mm, Rear +140mm, Rears Blended In)
  • BMW Diamond Black Respray Outside and Engine Bay
  • PS13 Silvia Front-end Swap
  • SSR SP1 3 Piece Wheels in SBC [18×9.5 -3/ 18×12 +11]
  • [245/35/18 / 295/35/18]
  • GKtech Cooling Plates
  • 180SX Type X Tail Lights
  • Magic Aero Carbon/FRP Front Arch Tubs

Photo credit to Mee$ Media