Adam LZ 240sx – Build Your Own!

by Staff | Last updated 30th July, 2019 | Posted in Guides

Fan of Adam LZ’s 240sx S13? Ever wondered how you can build your own? Then this is the guide for you.

adam lz 240sx front

Okay, so I thought it might be fun to put together a basic guide for how anybody can transform their own 240sx S13 into a replica (or close approximation) of popular YouTuber – AdamLZ’s cream 240sx.

Before we dive in, let me preface this by saying that I will probably miss some details, I wasn’t involved in the build and have only pulled this information together from Adam’s YouTube videos.

I am going to try to keep this guide focused on off the shelf parts only. Adam has undertaken a considerable amount of custom work including bash bars, a roll cage and much more.

Because of this your build won’t be a complete replica, but a pretty solid close approximation.

If you are a little unclear on the differences between the 180sx and 240sx that Adam uses then our 180sx Vs 240sx guide is just perfect for you.

Right then, let’s dive in!

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Where it all started

So, where did this build start?

adam lz 240sx first bought

Adam picked up this very clean, mildly tuned base car.

adam lz 240sx original sr20det

It already had an SR20DET swap with some basic mods.


adam lz 240sx engine

There’s no denying that Adam’s 240sx S13 looks absolutely fantastic. His JDM influenced style, solid wheel fitment and brave colour choice have created a superb looking S13.

adam lz 240sx no hood

The aero kit changed several times during its life so far, but the most well-known version was a Origin stylish kit. You can pick up your own Origin Stylish kit here.

Your stylish new bumper is going to need a new set of sidelight lenses, you can pick up a set here.

To house the larger aftermarket wheels, the front arches/fenders were replaced with widened fibreglass units. I found this set of +20mm Origin replacement fenders with the same style of vent available.

adam lz 240sx rear

That distinctive rear wing looks to be a 326 Power Manriki universal wing, it looks similar to the Kouki 180sx wing but more aggressively styled. You can import one up for yourself here.

The rear boot-lid appears to be a replacement Kouki 180sx item (notice the high level brake light).

adam lz 240sx

Those sexy rear lights are, of course, Kouki 180sx items. You can buy a full set, including rear trim right here.

A subtle Origin style roof spoiler adorns the rear glass. You can pick up a similar item here.

The stock rear arches have been widened without being needed to be replaced with overfenders which gives the car a more subtle look whilst still accommodating the wider wheels and tyres. This would have been done with some careful arch rolling and heating up of the paint to avoid cracking.

Wheels & Tyres

adam lz 240sx wheels

Adam cycles through a few different sets of wheels including a set of CST Hyper Zeros. However, in most of his videos the car is wearing a set of square fitment 18″ x 9j ET+25 Cosmis Racing MR7 wheels with the white paint option.

Interestingly, he has upgraded his brakes to CTS-V items. Apparently they perform superbly with the S13’s low kerb weight. If you want a bit more bite you can pick up this rather tasty Willwood Superlite front big brake kit here.


adam lz 240sx rebuilt sr20det

Moving under the hood, Adam is running a tuned SR20DET (swapped in by the previous owner), with a full suite of performance modifications. This engine went through quite a bit of work culminating in a full rebuild.

To run the following modifications reliably you will need to upgrade your own engine and drivetrain.

The heart of the tuning is an upgraded Garrett GTX2863R turbocharger. This T28 flanged, internally gated turbo was superseded by the GTX2860R GEN II.

You can pick up the revised turbo here.

A Nissan Z32 air flow meter opens up the intake volume. An ISR option is available here. A large front-mounted intercooler helps keep the intake charge cool and while I don’t know the specific model Adam uses, ISR offers this budget unit for a great price.

An HKS SSQV blow off valve was added to reduce turbo compressor surge and to prolong the life of the new turbo.

Fueling has been upgraded with a set of ISR Performance 750cc side feed injectors. I’m not sure on the specifics of the fuel pump, but it’s likely Adam has opted for an upgraded in-tank fuel pump.

Moving onto the exhaust, a low mount version 3 ISR exhaust manifold was selected to home the new turbocharger.

The exhaust is a Buddy Club item that is now discontinued, you can pick up an equivalent HKS Hi-Power exhaust system is available here.


adam lz 240sx side

Adam has poured a ton of work on the chassis from adjustable arms, bracing, steering lock and additional angle.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much detail on the specifics in this area (sorry, I will look to learn more and add further information into the article) however the main upgrade is a set of BC Racing BR type coilovers. If you are researching what coilovers are the best fit for your S13 build, our S13 coilover guide was written just for you.


For the interior, Adam has retained as much stock interior as possible, with some nice additions to help its on-track performance.

The main upgrades for the interior are a pair of Sparco EVO II US racing seats in red. Unfortunately, these seats now appear to be discontinued, so you might want to look at a pair of Sparco EVO QRT seats or perhaps if budget is a big consideration, a pair of Corbeau FX1 Pro’s might fit the bill?

These seats are sitting on Street Faction subframes which are now also discontinued, but, (and do check the fitment before purchasing) this set of quality Buddy Club Super Low seat rails look like a good fit. You’ll be needing some harnesses for those lovely buckets which you can find here.

Of course you will be wanting to pick up his signature Grip Royal steering wheel from his official store here.

Adam uses a custom installed hydraulic e-brake in his build, however, you can pick up a more affordable item from ISR here.

To keep an eye of engine vitals, a set of aftermarket gauges have been fitted and mounted in an aftermarket gauge holder.

Thanks for reading my guide. If you have any feedback please hit the contact form and let me know what you think.

If you enjoyed this guide then head on over to Adam’s YouTube channel and watch the build unfold over his excellent videos.