Who are personalised number plates for?

by Staff | Last updated 16th May, 2019 | Posted in Contributed Posts

Personalised number plates are a great way to give your car a unique touch and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Although they were hugely expensive and unattainable for most of us just a few decades ago, today they’re slowly becoming a mainstream customization option for your vehicle. Private numbers are no longer limited to celebrities and the ultra-rich. Anyone can go out right now and purchase a private plate for not a whole lot of money. Here are several reasons why you should at least consider personalised number plates.

  1. They’re cheap

As I said, the initial cost of purchase is extremely low nowadays. The cheapest DVLA number plate options come in at well under a few hundred pounds, or in other words, as much as a decent set of rear tyres. As far as customization for your vehicle goes, they’re pretty much the most inexpensive option on the market apart from stickers. Think about it. What else can you get for a few hundred pounds that’s going to make your car your own and put a custom touch to it? Aftermarket wheels cost far more and don’t even get us started on custom paint jobs or wraps, as those can cost upwards of several thousand pounds.

  1. You can keep your plates for life

Once you get your plates no one can take them away from you. You can quite literally transfer them from one vehicle to another as much as you want. And, doing so only requires a request to the DVLA. What’s more, you only have to renew your plates if you’re not using them every 10 years. Name one car mod which costs less, I’ll wait.

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  1. They make for a perfect gift

Think about how many hours we spend each year thinking of a perfect gift for our significant other or a family member. Well, why not give them a personalized number plate and show them how special they are? There are no rules governing you can’t purchase a plate for someone else, the procedure is exactly the same as if you’re getting them for yourself. How cool is that? A gift they will actually use and be proud of. Something which will always remind them of you.

  1. They follow DVLA criteria

It doesn’t matter if you spend £150 or £150,000 on a personal number plate. They all have to follow certain rules and are governed by the DVLA. You can’t tamper with the font or the color for instance, nor can you omit an empty space or rearrange them. Although this does limit the possibilities slightly, it means no one can abuse the system and everyone’s basically paying for the numbers alone. If you’re creative and thoughtful, you can ‘outwit’ someone who paid a lot more for his plate than you did.