What Do Performance Exhaust Systems Do?

by Staff | Last updated 27th April, 2019 | Posted in Contributed Posts

You’ve heard cars on the highway with aftermarket mufflers and souped up systems. They’re often speeding through traffic, enjoying the benefits of their modifications. What exactly does a performance exhaust system do, though? There are several ways to answer this question, but it ultimately comes down to two factors: torque and horsepower. Upgrading certain parts of your car’s exhaust can grant more power to its torque and horsepower, and you can find the parts to easily do so at auto store locations near me.

What Goes Into a Performance Exhaust System

Different performance exhaust kits have different parts that come with them. Which parts you choose depends on the exact results you want to see. Some of the most common replacements, though, include the following:

  • Catalytic converter: Your car’s catalytic converter reduces emissions, but the process of forcing exhaust gas through it leads to lessened power to the engine. Replacing it can eliminate the problem.
  • Muffler: Mufflers are designed to mitigate sound, but they can also impair performance. Upgrading to a less restrictive muffler is one of the most common ways to quickly enable more impressive performance.
  • Exhaust piping: All parts of your exhaust system are connect with piping. Upgrading this to a more advantageous size and fit can facilitate improved performance.
  • Thermal insulation: The heat produced by your exhaust can affect engine performance negatively if temperatures are too high for too long. This problem can be worsened when high performance exhaust parts are installed. Many drivers thus opt to upgrade their thermal insulation to prevent potential damage.

Your exhaust system isn’t the only part of your car that can be replaced and improved. Use tools like the oil filter lookup by vehicle to easily find nearly any part you may need. Shop at the auto parts retailer that has expert staff, unbeatable selection, and the best value available on auto parts.