Welcome to the 180sx Club!

by Staff | Last updated 16th March, 2016 | Posted in 180sx Club News

Hello and welcome to the 180sx Club. My name is Joe and my friends and I have been enthusiasts of Nissan’s 180sx for many years, we started our first 180sx blog way back in 2008 and after a hiatus we have decided to bring it back! It was a popular blog and it offered many features that I am looking forward to sharing with you again.

The empty categories in the menu should give you some idea of what is in the pipeline!

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, we publish a post each and every day on our social channels with different themed weeks so if you want a daily dose of Nissan’s finest feel free to subscribe 🙂

I sold my gorgeous 180sx many years ago but now I am in the market for another one, I just can’t get enough.. here is a picture of my old girl.

Nissan 180sx in Banzai magazine

Nissan 180sx in Banzai magazine