Tough as nails Nissan 180sx Sil80 conversion

by Staff | Last updated 1st June, 2016 | Posted in Feature cars

Welcome to Jon’s 1994 model year Nissan 180sx Sil80 conversion.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 khuro black

Jon’s Sil80 has been prepared by himself to be a formidable track car. Lightweight fiberglass panels replace most of the heavy standard panels. Lexan rear window glass replacement helps reduce weight from high on the chassis.

Nissan 180sx with Silvia PS13 front end conversion

The drivetrain is powered by a fully rebuilt Sr20det redtop mated to a HKS GT-SS turbo upgrade package with supporting mods including intercooler, injectors and BLITZ Nur Spec R. The turbo is running just over 1bar and is making around 350bhp at the flywheel.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 khuro black

The underside of the car has been refurbished with new coilover suspension from Apex Performance and adjustable arms all round.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 khuro black

The car wears a mixture of URAS and Vertex aero, with a complete Silvia PS13 front end conversion.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 khuro black

The wheels and tyres on the car are 18″ 9.5j Rota GTR wheels wearing TOYO rubber.

Nissan 180sx Sil80 khuro black

The interior is fully stripped and race harnesses have been fitted to hold the driver in place during hard cornering.

Jon still has lots in store for the car including a new paint job in the future, we will keep our eyes on this tough looking racecar and hopefully bring you some updates in the future!

Nissan 180sx Sil80 full specification

  • Make & model: Nissan 180sx Sil80 conversion
  • Model year: 1994
  • Engine: Sr20det Redtop
  • Turbo: HKS GT-SS

– Sr20det redtop
– Blitz Intercooler kit
– 255 L/H fuelpump
– Nistune ECU
– Blitz Air Filter
– 3″ decat pipe
– 3″ split front pipe
– 3″ Blitz Nur Spec R
Power rated at circa 350bhp @ 1.2 bar

Wheels & tyres
– 5 Stud hub conversion
– Wheels Rota GTR 18″ 9.5j et: +12
– Tyres TOYO 215/45/18

– APEX Performance ‘comfy’ coilovers
– Front tower brace
– Rear tower brace
– Adjustable toe, camber and all arms


– Complete Silvia PS13 front end conversion
– URAS front bumper
– Vertex side skirts
– Vertex rear bumper
– URAS style bonnet vent
– Overfenders
– Fiberglass tailgate with lexan window