How To Fit Wheel Spacers

by Staff | Last updated 25th April, 2016 | Posted in Guides

Want to know how to fit wheel spacers to your S13? Then this is the perfect guide for you!

180sx rear wheel fitment detail

Hey guys I have been meaning to write this spacer fitting guide for a while so here it is! I bought a 15mm spacer kit from Ultralite to fit my 180sx – my front wheels were hitting my callipers so spacers were needed.

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Suitable applications for this guide:

  • – Nissan 180sx (s13 jdm)
  • – Nissan 200sx (s13)
  • – Nissan 240sx (s13 usdm)
  • – Nissan 200sx (s14)
  • – Nissan Silvia (s14 jdm)


Please note that following this guide is entirely at your own risk. The 180sx Club is not responsible for any personal injury to you or to a third party and neither is it responsible for any damage done to your vehicle while attempting to follow this guide. The 180sx Club provide these workshop guides for experienced mechanics to use, if you are not confident that you have the correct skills then please take your vehicle to your favourite professional garage to complete the work.


Wheel spacers displayed above without studs.


Right let’s crack on – jack your car up and remove both the wheels. Remember to be safe and use axle stands and chock the wheels just in case.


Find a decent hammer (preferably with a heavy head which mine did not have) and start bashing out the stock wheel studs. There is a hole at the back of the brake disc guard, rotate the hub and if you shine a torch at the back you will see it. When you knock a stud out wriggle your fingers around in here and pull that sucker out. It’s a little tricky at first but I was doing it quite easily after the third stud.


We decided to do this in the middle of the night so a towel is recommended to suppress noise..


Ah fantastic the studs are all out! Win!


Let’s take a closer look at the stock wheel stud compared to the extended Ultralite stud that is included in the spacer kit.


To replace the longer studs you need to line up the stud holes on the hub with the gap in the back of the disc guard (we mentioned earlier) and thread the stud in. I did this by shining a torch through the hole in the guard and looking at it from the front. This is a little fiddly but with some patience, you will get there.


Now all of the new studs are sat in the correct holes we need to use an open-ended nut and your wheel brace to tighten those things on there. I did mine *real* tight just to be sure. Remember when the wheels are bolted on they will tighten the studs even further.


Slip your spacer on 🙂 Easy! I completed this within two hours in the dark when I was way too tired, under the right conditions and with this handy guide I reckon you could do each side within thirty minutes.


There is now no excuse for poor fitment wheels – get those 180’s sitting proud!