Nissan S13 Chassis Codes Explained

by Staff | Last updated 8th June, 2016 | Posted in Guides

S13? RS13? KRMS13? What does all this mean and why do all the cars look the same if they have different codes?! Take a peek at the info below and all will become clear…

The different model codes designate body style, engine and options.

E-S13 = 1988-1990 Silvia w/ CA18DE
S13 = 1988-90 Silvia w/ CA18DET
RS13 = 1990-91 180SX w/ CA18DET
PS13 = 1991-93 Silvia w/ SR20DET
RPS13 = 1991-98 180SX w/ SR20DET
KPS13 = 1991-93 Silvia w/ SR20DET & Super HICAS
KRPS13 = 1991-98 180SX w/ SR20DET & Super HICAS
HS13 = 1989-90 240SX Coupe w/ KA24E
RHS13 = 1989-90 240SX FB w/ KA24E
MS13 = 1991-93 240SX Coupe w/ KA24DE
RMS13 = 1991-93 240SX FB w/ KA24DE
KMS13 = 1991-93 240SX Coupe w/ KA24DE & Super HICAS (Canadian Only)
KRMS13 = 1991-93 240SX FB w/ KA24DE & Super HICAS

These Codes only Apply to S13 Models:
No Letter for Coupe
R = Fastback
No Letter for CA18DET
H = KA24E
M = KA24DE
K = Super HICAS

Thanks to the 240sx Forums for the tip!