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by Staff | Last updated 31st August, 2016 | Posted in 180sx Club News

I love seeing cool photos and reading detailed info about s13 and 180sx builds from all over the world. We have already featured cars from the UK, Europe and Australia. We have plenty more s13 goodness on the way from even farther afield so stay tuned. Did you know that there is a strong s13 community in Lima, South America??

Now this is where you come in; you can make my job just that little bit easier by submitting your own s13 build directly to me. I am looking for everything from a lightly tuned sx to full race prepared cars. If it’s an s13 and you love it, I want to see it. For the pleasure you will receive a pair of crisp 180sx Club stickers absolutely free!

Free 180sx Club stickers

You can send me over some details and pics of you car to: [email protected]

We are here to serve you so if you have any suggestions for how to improve this website or what you wanna see please let me know in the comments below!

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