5 Things You Can Learn From Professional Race Car Drivers

by Staff | Last updated 19th November, 2019 | Posted in Contributed Posts

When it comes to driving a high-performance car, make no mistakes, it is a different ball game than driving a regular Sedan. Sports cars require different kinds of maintenance and driving skills. Though a sports car driver is naturally gifted, there are still many techniques that you can learn from them. Here are many of the few things you can learn from a professional race car driver.

1. Staying Focused

Professional race car drivers are extremely focused when they are driving. They keep their eyes on the road and don’t distract easily. They function like a camera knowing where they are going and how they are going to get there. Now, you may not need such a focus driving a regular car, but it is still a necessary trait to have. In USA, more than nine people are killed daily because of distracted driving. You should also follow this preventing distracted driving handbook.

2. Driving In Slippery Conditions

The most important thing to learn from a professional race driver is not speed but safety. Racers are trained professionally to avoid a crash in slippery conditions. An average driver can also find themselves in a situation where he must keep his calm and aim towards the spot where he wants to move the car and then slowly turn in that direction. This can help prevent collision with another vehicle.

3. Using Brakes Properly

This could be a handy tip for any regular driver as it can help prevent rear-end collisions. Many people prefer to use their left hand instead of right hand. Similarly, there are people who prefer to use their left foot. Many successful professional race car drivers use their left foot for the brakes. This may not seem like that it makes much of a difference, but it does. When you are driving at such high speed even a millisecond early response can help you avoid a crash. Braking with right foot takes more time compared to braking with left foot, and that can make a real difference.

4. Pulling The Wheel

This is a technique used by a lot of professional race car drivers. When you are steering the wheel, pull it towards you. It can help you strengthen control, and you will be able to move the vehicle more safely. This way, when you are taking a sudden turn, you are not steering the wheel in that direction but pulling it, giving you more control in such situations.

5. Surviving A Tire Burst

Tire blowouts often happen on the racing track, and drivers are trained to face such situations. Instead of panicking, they just let the car move in one direction and wait until it’s slow enough to take off the tracks. Steering around or using brake could be dangerous in such case, and even though a regular driver may panic, this is a lesson to learn from the professionals on how to avoid a disaster by keeping calm in the event of a tire blowout.