4 Things That Make Amazing Supercar Elements in Entertainment Games

by RaeC | Last updated 19th March, 2024 | Posted in Contributed Posts

One of the things that make slot games so popular is their diversity in terms of. Players can find literally dozens of themes in these casino games – from ancient mythology and modern movies to animals and space.

The good news for all supercar lovers is that this category has not been neglected either. On the contrary, this specific category of people can enjoy dozens of slots focused on high-performance vehicles.

Of course, not all titles are the same. If you want to get the most from your gaming experience, we suggest checking our list of 4 things that make excellent supercar visuals in slots.

Fun Story

The fact is that some supercar-themed slots have better stories than others. They have more characters and a plot that will keep you interested for a long time. Simply put, it’s not enough to just add a few vehicles on the reels and/or behind them and claim you have an interesting title.

An excellent example of that is the Fast & Sexy slot. This slot has four unique characters that make the story more alive because each has a different look and attitude. Moreover, unlike most games of this type, we have four beautiful girls in the leading role here.

In addition, a good story is reflected in the location where it takes place. In the case of the game mentioned above, you will encounter locations worldwide, such as Monaco, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Havana, and Sydney.

Through the unique story, players connect even more with the game and put themselves in the position of the characters they see on the screen. A good slot game should have something like this in its offer.

Various Bonus Features

All popular themed online slots, adorned with supercar visual elements or something else, found on various top lists have another thing in common – great bonus features. Software providers create slots with different special features and bonuses that attract new players and keep the existing ones excited.

So, in addition to the solid base game where players can get regularly winning combos, there are unique rounds where they get more chances to hit big wins.

For instance, one of the most common bonuses in today’s slots is free spins. Typically, you must wait to land three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the grid to activate such a bonus. This way, you can expect 10, 15, or even more spins free of charge.

Some of the best online slots with supercar elements also feature mini-games, where you usually pick objects (cars) to reveal random bet multipliers.

Expanding wilds are another extra you can get in these games that can significantly impact your gambling experience. So, before playing any slot title, take some time to read about its bonuses.

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Solid Return to Player and Volatility

These may seem like strictly technical aspects of the game that players shouldn’t bother about, but that’s wrong. You can’t expect amazing supercar slot elements without a solid Return to Player (RTP) percentage and adequate volatility.

First, the RTP represents the theoretical payout percentage over time. A standard RTP goes between 95% and 96%. So, any game with an RTP between these two values deserves a green light. If the percentage is below 95%, you should probably avoid it unless it promises a progressive jackpot.

Next, we have the volatility level, usually divided into three categories: low, medium, and high. This is basically the level of risk you can expect from the title. So, if you prefer higher risk for potentially more significant wins, choose high volatility slots and vice versa. Medium-volatility slots are for players looking for balance.

Keep in mind that these are theoretical values, and no one can guarantee wins in slot games based on these values. Still, they’re an indicator of the slot’s generosity.

Modern Audiovisual Elements

Last but not least, we have the audiovisual elements. A good supercar-themed slot includes modern graphics and music.

Some of the best titles in this category feature 3D-like animations when the reels are spinning and whenever players land winning combinations on the matrix. They look realistic and make the game appear livelier.

As expected, the leading games have decorated reels with colorful and detailed symbols. Some of the most played options have tire-like reels and portray beautiful sports cars in the background. Another typical thing for this category is depicting a road or a highway behind the reels.

Of course, we can’t talk about a successful online slot without mentioning the music and sound effects. A unique piece of music is a must for every slot aspiring to be on the top list of the best options in this category.

From what we saw, we can say that the good slots usually have electronic or rock music. This makes sense because these music genres create an atmosphere corresponding to what we feel while watching races.

In addition, the best slots of this kind have catchy sound effects that add to the atmosphere.