4 Steps to Finding the Perfect EV

by Staff | Last updated 25th July, 2019 | Posted in Contributed Posts

So you are all convinced that you need an EV but do not know how to go about choosing the right one. If that is the case then you are not alone. Electric Vehicles do not have years of literature on them and making the right choice can be quite confusing. It doesn’t have to be so and here are the steps you need to take to choose the perfect EV.

Figure out your primary use for an EV: Electric Vehicles come in all shape and sizes and the first thing you need to decide is what you will be using it for. If it is going to be just something that you want to drive around the neighbourhood or to the local shops every now just so you can get a taste of EVs then go for an affordable option, even something DIY. However, if you are planning to use it as your everyday car then you should go for something a bit more mainstream. This will obviously cost you more than a regular petrol or diesel car but that is the price to pay for the latest in car technology. Finally, there are the highly futuristic sports EVs. These can cost an arm and a leg but it is the closest you can come to owning a spaceship.

Know the benefits: There are the obvious environmental benefits but there are quite a few monetary benefits as well. In a bid to get more people into buying EVs the government has introduced various benefits, rebates and tax credits. The exact numbers can vary depending on where you live but the point is that there are some benefits you are entitled to if you are going for an EV and ensure you have everything sorted leasing your EV so you get everything you are entitled to.

Check the feasibility of a charging station: This is something that often comes to haunt EV owners. Everything is checked like the cost and the paperwork and so on but it is when they actually start using the EV that they run into a teething issue and that is the charging station. Unlike a petrol or diesel car that you can take to a fuel station and fill up in a matter of minutes, an EV requires a charging station connected to a proper power outlet and you have to ensure that such a charging station is feasible for where you stay. This can especially be difficult for someone living in a highrise in a crowded city. Even with all the latest improvements, an Ev can take nearly an hour to charge up. Which means that you will need a charging station either where you live or work and if installing one is not feasible then you should get that sorted out first.

Go for test drives: An EV will definitely feel a lot different to drive than a regular petrol or diesel-powered car and it is always a good idea to go for a drive in one so you can know for sure that it is something you can adapt to. Test drives are also the surest way of finding if a particular EV is just right for you.