2019 Nissan Rogue: 5 Exciting Fleet Features to Know

by Staff | Last updated 14th June, 2019 | Posted in Contributed Posts

It is now becoming a norm for fleet companies to adopt the versatility of the 2019 Nissan Rogue SUV. Mostly, those who make light deliveries like parcels and shopping are the ones selecting this vehicle. According to the official Nissan website, this compact SUV was designed with the idea of transporting cargo in mind. For the fleet companies that have not thought about using this fleet-friendly vehicle, it is time to go through these exciting features that will provide valuable benefits to your fleet.

Large Cargo Area

The main feature that every delivery fleet company will look for is cargo space. The 2019 Nissan Rogue is perfectly made for this purpose. The 69-cubic-foot space is large enough to hold all the deliveries you need for a day if you deal with small packages. This cargo space can be increased by folding down the back seats. However, this would be unnecessary for many companies because they consider the provided space to be enough.

Cargo Organization

This feature goes hand in hand with the large cargo space. Nissan works together with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions (WWS) to create partitions for better organization of cargo onboard. Although this has been rolled out to a few other models, the Rogue has benefitted perfectly from this solution. Therefore, any fleet company can choose this vehicle with the confidence that it will exceed their needs.

Safety Features

If you manage a fleet, you will agree that the safety of the drivers, cargo and vehicles is the number one priority. This will prevent loss and enhance productivity. Nissan has addressed this issue very thoroughly by adding features that you will find in modern luxury vehicles. This includes the rear parking and traffic sensors, automatic braking systems and cameras. You can also visit the EyeRide website to add more safety devices like dashcams and GPS to make your 2019 Nissan Rogue a complete fleet solution.

Fuel Economy

This vehicle has received a fuel efficiency rating of over 4.5 stars after many user reviews. They also say that it has smooth acceleration and that the braking system is ideal. So, the fleet companies are likely to save a lot on fuel costs in the long run. Better still, the hybrid option is even more fuel efficient as a result of the hybrid battery. So, whether your fleet drivers are in heavy traffic or cruising down the highway, you will reduce your fuel expenses.

All-Wheel Drive

The good news is that fleet companies can cross over any terrain with the AWD option on this SUV. It is perfectly designed for driving through snow and on muddy dirt roads. These weather conditions are a major challenge for fleet companies especially during heavy rain and winter weather. According to auto experts, AWD is one of the coolest features of this vehicle.

Therefore, fleet managers should consider buying the Nissan Rogue for their fleets. The responses from the drivers and the entire company will definitely be very positive.